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2013 Texas Folklife Festival

Following are pictures from Saturday night (June 8) at the 2013 Texas Folklife Festival at the Institute of Texan Cultures in downtown San Antonio. There didn’t seem to be as many attendees or participants this year as in year’s past. Perhaps the heat or high school graduations kept people away. The lack of crowds made it easy to get a seat and enjoy music and dancing while sampling a variety of delicious food. I enjoyed food from the Vietnamese, Wendish, Pakistani and Japanese booths.

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June 2013; Folklife Festival 032

June 2013; Folklife Festival 029June 2013; Folklife Festival 046

June 2013; Folklife Festival 042

June 2013; Folklife Festival 119

June 2013; Folklife Festival 118

June 2013; Folklife Festival 117

June 2013; Folklife Festival 115

June 2013; Folklife Festival 109

June 2013; Folklife Festival 100

June 2013; Folklife Festival 099

June 2013; Folklife Festival 087

June 2013; Folklife Festival 019

June 2013; Folklife Festival 015

June 2013; Folklife Festival 013

June 2013; Folklife Festival 009

June 2013; Folklife Festival 007

June 2013; Folklife Festival 006

June 2013; Folklife Festival 003


Siclovia: Spring 2013

Siclovia experienced a great turnout of families, dogs, adults and teens. The City closed Broadway to motorized vehicles from Alamo Plaza to Mulberry Street for five hours on Sunday, April 7. Participants at the free event were able to move freely in the street and participate in fun exercise activities in parks and parking lots along the route. Participants used many different types of wheeled transportation including a variety of bicycles, skateboards, unicycles, tricycles, scooters and a few contraptions that were new to me. Reclovia stops along Broadway included a yoga class, an aerobics dance class, bands, information booths and children’s activities. The next Siclovia is September 29, 2013.

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Luminaria 2013

Luminaria is one of my favorite San Antonio festivals and I looked forward to going each year.  Luminaria 2013 was an entertaining and inspiring celebration of lights, music, poetry, dance, bicycles, cars and food.  Next year I need to develop a better strategy for walking around so I can see more of the performers. Some of the artists I especially enjoyed were the Jazz Poets of San Antonio, the Austin Bike Zoo and the light show on the big stone head (not sure what the official name of that statue is). Thanks to Mark and Denise McGrath and Peter Ray for providing me with the following pictures (I forgot to take my camera).

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The Jingu House

The Jingu House Cafe is a delightful cafe located in the Japanese Tea Gardens.  The cafe is open Tuesday through Sunday from 9 am to 4 pm.  The menu includes Bento Boxes, sandwiches, salads, sushi, baked goods.  teas and other beverages.  I sampled a Sesame Chicken Bento Box and hibiscus iced tea.  The Bento Box contained enough food for several people.  I particularly liked the Japanese Noodles.  The flavored ice tea was refreshing, not sweet and lightly flavored.  My companion enjoyed the Thai Beef Salad.  The prices ranged from $6.50 for sandwiches to $12.95 for the Bento Boxes. The outside patio was very hot and sunny when we arrived early afternoon so we enjoyed a table inside. The dining room has six tables with views of the gardens.
Jingu House on Urbanspoon

Bento Box (they were out of sushi so I had double noodles)

Dining Room

View from dining room window

National Night Out

The San Antonio Downtown Residents Association hosted a National Night Out (NNO) event at the base of the Tower of the Americas in HemisFair Park tonight, October 4th.  The fun event included a display of classic cars, music by the MishMash Band, children’s activities, food and drink vendors, and informational tables.  You may remember NNO being traditionally in August.  However, Texas took advantage of an optional October date this year since it’s hard to be neighborly when it’s 100+ degrees outside.

MishMash Band

A garden grows in HemisFair Park

Given the current drought in San Antonio my spirits are always lifted by the brightly colored summer flowers and plants that seem to love our hot sunny weather.  

For the past few months I have been gradually moving from our northside house to a 13th floor condominium downtown in the Vidorra.   One of my goals at the new house is to take long walks around downtown.  On a walk yesterday with Hannah (our dog) I came across a large garden in HemisFair Park south of the Tower that I hadn’t noticed before.  

 The garden is at the Maximillian Schultze House, one of the 24 original structures on the HemisFair site.  According to the Hemisfair Park master plan site inventory, the Schultze house was built about 1893 and during HemisFair it housed the Sur Le Pouce, a Swiss bakery and restaurant.  The San Antonio Women’s Chamber of Commerce currently occupies the building and maintains the garden.  The  Bexar County Master Gardeners developed and maintained the garden until April 2010.     

Front of Schultze house

Hannah watches for squirrels

Brackenridge Park Trails

The trails in Brackenridge Park are lovely this time of year.  The eastern area of the park includes four paved trails each about 1 mile long.  The trails are flat and wide, great for an easy walk, run or bike ride.  Picnic tables, grills and parking spots are located near the trails.  Artistic markers indicate the different trails and a sculpture area is located in the middle of the trail area.   The trails are quiet and peaceful and it is easy to forget you are in the middle of a city.   The trails are located along Red Oak Drive and Funston. 

Trail marker

Cyclist on the paved trail

Sculpture area

Faux Bois sculpture along the trail

Moss hanging from trees

Sculpture area

Sign for the Wilderness Trail