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Lowrider Festival 2013

Centro Cultural Aztlan organized San Antonio’s 31st annual Lowrider Festival on Sunday, April 7, 2013. The festival was held for the first time at the Deco District on Fredericksburg Road. The festival celebrated Lowrider cars, classic cars and custom bicycles. Live music, food vendors, and art booths added to the festive atmosphere.

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Siclovia: Spring 2013

Siclovia experienced a great turnout of families, dogs, adults and teens. The City closed Broadway to motorized vehicles from Alamo Plaza to Mulberry Street for five hours on Sunday, April 7. Participants at the free event were able to move freely in the street and participate in fun exercise activities in parks and parking lots along the route. Participants used many different types of wheeled transportation including a variety of bicycles, skateboards, unicycles, tricycles, scooters and a few contraptions that were new to me. Reclovia stops along Broadway included a yoga class, an aerobics dance class, bands, information booths and children’s activities. The next Siclovia is September 29, 2013.

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San Anto Mural Bike Tour

Last Saturday San Anto Cultural Arts and theMcNay teamed up to sponsor a free biking tour of outdoor murals in San Antonio’s westside neighborhood.  About 70 riders met at the San Anto offices and biked to six different murals.  John Medina, Community Mural/Public Art Program Manager for San Anto, led the tour and explained the meaning and artistic techniques for each mural.  Following are pictures of the murals we saw on the tour:

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San Antonio B-cycle

On top the Hayes Street bridge

I tried out the new San Antonio B-cycle program on Sunday afternoon.  Under the “early adopter” program you can join for $25 per year and then check out a bike from 14 stations downtown.  The first 30 minutes is free and then it is $2 for each additional 30 minutes. 

View of the Ellis Alley kiosk from the 13th floor of the Vidorra

Sunday I checked out a bike in front of the Vidorra condominiums near St. Paul Square (Ellis Alley on the B-cycle map).   I took one 30-minute ride to the San Antonio Art Museum with a side trip up to the top of the Hayes Street pedestrian bridge.  After walking through the museum and getting a drink of water I checked out a bike and rode to the Alamo.  Then realizing my 30 minutes was almost up I hurried back to the Vidorra station. 

Pumped up bike rider ready to hit the road

The bikes are very sturdy and easy to ride.  The front basket was the perfect size for my camera bag.  The 30 minute time period suits my biking attention span.  It helps if you can ride and talk since all along my route people asked me how the bike share program worked.  Several people expressed amazement that San Antonio was on the cutting edge of something involving bicycles. 

You can log onto your B-cycle account on the website and see how many miles you have ridden.  My two 30-minute rides totaled eight mile and 324 calories which was exciting.  I’m sure I will fall off the “leaderboard” quickly but for now I rank #6 in the city for most miles ridden.  And yes, there’s an app for that:  If you have an iPhone, there’s a b-share app that allows you to see where the kiosks are are in town, and how many bikes are available right now at any given station.  This my friends is the future of urban commuting, and we are the first city in Texas to get the program!

B-share bikes in front of that famous downtown landmark