Luminaria 2013

Luminaria is one of my favorite San Antonio festivals and I looked forward to going each year.  Luminaria 2013 was an entertaining and inspiring celebration of lights, music, poetry, dance, bicycles, cars and food.  Next year I need to develop a better strategy for walking around so I can see more of the performers. Some of the artists I especially enjoyed were the Jazz Poets of San Antonio, the Austin Bike Zoo and the light show on the big stone head (not sure what the official name of that statue is). Thanks to Mark and Denise McGrath and Peter Ray for providing me with the following pictures (I forgot to take my camera).

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6 responses to “Luminaria 2013

  1. Barbara Sultemeier

    Hi Deb,

    The photos & colors were really pretty. Thanks for sending them.

    Glad to see Alex’s picture. Are they staying in homes? The choir probably isn’t getting much sleep but should be a good experience for Alex. He’s not a very flexible guy.


  2. Hey! I just moved to SA to be closer to family and also to market my paintings. So happy that I found your blog! I need to hurry up and get plugged into the community here so I can avoid getting a real job and live off of commissions of my art, instead. Haha! Take a look at my page and let me know if you have any suggestions. Thanks!!!!

  3. Yeah, it’s way too late to take part in this year’s Fiesta. I was thinking of just roaming around with my business cards, at least, and interviewing vendors on their experience, etc. A bit of research. There is so much opportunity here! I love it!

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