33rd Annual TubaMeister Christmas Concert

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The Thirty-Third Annual TubaMeister Christmas concert Saturday at the Arneson River Theater featured holiday songs played by a variety of  tuba, euphonium, and baritone horn players.   All horn players around San Antonio were invited to participate in the concert.  The TubaMeisters, a tuba/euphonium quartet, played a few special numbers for the audience including a polka, a waltz and a Mel Torme song.  The TubaMeister members are Ezra Johnson, Al Tapia, Ray Grim and Richard Wallace.  Lee Hipp, tuba player with the San Antonio Symphony, conducted the concert. 

The concert seemed to surprise the riders on the river barges who suddenly found themselves in the middle of the concert.  Also, I don’t know if this has been scientifically proven but tuba fans seem to be great dog lovers.  We took our dog to the concert and she received lots of hugs and pats from everyone sitting around us.  Hannah (the dog) seemed to really enjoy the concert. 


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