The Smokehouse and a Missions baseball game

Saturday evening I took in a San Antonio Missions baseball game with my husband and another couple.  We stopped for dinner before the game at The Smokehouse.  The Smokehouse is located near IH-10 east at the intersection of Roland and Rigsby.  Our BBQ plates were inexpensive and the service was fast.  By the time we finished paying around $20 for two plates and two teas our food was ready at the next window.  In addition to plates they sell sandwiches and meat by the pound.  I enjoyed the ribs, beans and potato salad.  They will give you a small container of extra sauce but you need to ask for it.

Ordering area

Rib plate

After dinner we got back on the highway for a short trip to the Missions stadium.  They cheerfully processed my Groupon which included four lower-level tickets, parking and a photo with Ballapeno.  We sat near first base which saw a lot of action during the close game.  The Mission games are very family-friendly with lots of children enjoying pictures with the mascots, games, inflatables, playing in the grassy area and, of course, trying to catch foul balls.  After the Missions’ victory we watched the fireworks show over the scoreboard.

Henry the Puffy Taco mascot

Tricycle races


Saturday fireworks show

Ceremonial first pitch

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