Ready to Nosh Food Tours – San Antonio Riverwalk

A few evenings ago I had the good fortune to be invited along on a Ready to Nosh Food Tour along the San Antonio Riverwalk.  We met at the Toribio Losoya statue and walked to three different restaurants.  Our tour guide was very entertaining and had interesting stories about his other work as a commercial photographer and Amazon reviewer.  We had a group of 12 people all from San Antonio.  It was fun meeting new people and talking to them about food and travel.

Guacamole being prepared at Boudro’s

At our first stop, Boudro’s, we shared three appetizers – Guacamole, Salmon Bruchetta and Wild Field Mushrooms with polenta and goat cheese.  Iced tea was included or you could purchase margaritas or other alcoholic drinks.  Boudro’s is famous for their tableside guacamole but I had never eaten it before. I thought it was definitely worth the hype. I enjoyed all of the appetizers. We had three plates of appetizers to share between four people so I was already getting filled up after just one stop.

Chile Relleno

Entrees were served at the Iron Cactus restaurant.  We tried the Pollo Relleno and the Chile Relleno Rustico plates with rice and beans. We were given a plate of each entree for two of us to share. Our server gave a nice description of the entrees we ate. The chile relleno was good but I really enjoyed the Pollo Relleno with the stuffing wrapped inside the chicken. I also enjoyed a delicious Mango Mint Margarita which avoided being overly sweet.

At our final stop, Zuni Grill, we shared plates of Chocolate Torte and Tres Leches Cake.  The chocolate cake was good but I really liked the moist tres leches cake.

At each stop on the tour our reserved table was set and waiting.  Our servers were all prompt and helpful.  Our tour guide said he selected restaurants where the food was all made in-house.  He also selected dishes that were easy to share.  Our guide also told us about several interesting tours that the company runs in Austin including a food truck tour and a fermented tour.  We discussed some ideas he had for additional food tours in San Antonio.

Ready to Nosh tour guide at starting point

The only thing that would prevent me from going on another Ready To Nosh tour is the Terms and Conditions agreement for customers. I understand that there are risks involved in going on a food tour (choking, allergy attack, breaking a tooth) but eating at restaurants doesn’t usually require such lengthy legal documents.


8 responses to “Ready to Nosh Food Tours – San Antonio Riverwalk

  1. Tim was a knowledgable and entertaining host. As a native San Antonian I was very surprised at how much I didn’t know about about the restaurants and Riverwalk in general. Wife and I thank you, Tim!

  2. The King William Historic District is one of San Antonio’s beautiful little gems that often get overlooked. Historic Texas Tours has designed this tour to introduce guests to the culinary finds while including some of the history of this unique, downtown neighborhood. From its humble beginnings, this neighborhood began with the building of the Pioneer Flour Mill and has blossomed into a fantastically preserved example of San Antonio’s rich history. This tour includes sampling foods at up to 4 restaurants. These are “ample” samples that usually fill most people up and can be considered a late lunch. *(Water is provided at every stop upon request. Alcoholic beverages are available at some of the stops and can be purchased and consumed by guests, while the tour is at that restaurant).

  3. Can you tell me how you got hold of Readytonosh? We hare scheduled for a tour on Monday and can’t get to their site, so don’t know where we are supposed to meet. Please write back. Thank, Marilyn

    • When I got back to Marilyn she said that the Ready to Nosh company had gone out of business and she wasn’t able to take the tour. I checked out their website but it was no longer working. Too bad as I enjoyed the experience I had with them.


  4. If you’re looking for food tours of San Antonio visit . They have been doing food tours in San Antonio for 4 years and have a great reputation.

  5. There is suposed to be a new food tour starting in San Antonio called Fork in the River. I have taken the company’s (San Antonio Walks) other tours before and they were the best I’ve EVER experienced in San Antonio. Their guide told me at the end of the King William tour they would be starting a food tour soon. As we’d thoroughly enjoyed the other tours we called back a few weeks later to see if and when it was a go. When I called they stated it would be called Fork in the River and begin some time in June. Haven’t seen anything on the San antonio Walks website yet but I imagine it will be there soon?

  6. Sandy and urbanspotlight, the Fork in the River Food Tour website is I took the tour in July and was impressed with the historical and architectural info on the tour but found some unique food establishments that I will be on my “visit often” list. There was a wide variety of foods and it was all on the Riverwalk so the walk was not too strenuous. Water was offered at each restaurant and the food was over ample for a late lunch. I got my tickets right on the website.

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