Vegeria (a vegan Tex-Mex restaurant)

1/2 order nachos
I’ve tried the new vegan Tex-Mex restaurant Vegeria twice now.  The food is delicious, the staff is friendly and you can feel good about eating  enchiladas, nachos, tamales and cupcakes.  On my first visit I was envious of the “in-the-know” diners around me feasting on plates piled high with nachos.  My second visit I got a 1/2 order of nachos to share as an appetizer and the plate was very generous.  The chips were topped with veggies, soy “meat”, vegan cheese and even some quinoa.


My favorite entrée so far is the sweet potato tamales.  The creamy sauce on top of the tamales was delicious and the sweet potatoes blended nicely with the masa.  My friend enjoyed her enchiladas but the red sauce on top was too spicy for me.

The restaurant also has yummy baked goods. The bakery case next to the cash register holds several flavors of cupcakes. On my first visit I tried a mini cupcake and a scone. The next visit I decided to give my dog the calories and got a bag of vegan dog treats.  The treats had the magical effect of putting the dog into a deep sleep.


The co-owner/chef told us they are planning to open soon for dinner and they are also planning some cooking classes. He recommended we come back for Saturday brunch which included some “naughty” breakfast dishes involving Oreos and Captain Crunch. He seems to be having fun.

Restaurant interior

Vegeria Vegan Tex-Mex & American Cuisine on Urbanspoon


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