HemisFair Park art nooks

Brawley's sculpture at night

On the side of the H.B. Gonzalez Convention Center facing the Tower of the Americas on the northeastern edge of HemisFair Park are seven beautiful art “nooks” or “grottos.”  Six of the nooks hold artworks and one nook is mysteriously empty.  From left to right the grotto artists are:  1) Say Si; 2) Carlos Alvez; 3) Alex De Leon; 4) empty; 5)Benito Huerta; 6) Cakky Brawley; and 7) David Zamora Casas.

I have walked by the nooks at different times of the day but rarely see anyone enjoying the art.  The addition of some benches might encourage people to stay a little while and contemplate the art.

By Say Si

By De Leon

By Alvez

By Huerta

By Casas

Detail on Casas art

Detail on Alvez mural

Detail on De Leon art


4 responses to “HemisFair Park art nooks

  1. These nooks are so wonderful, but, until the HemisFair re-do, they are far removed from much foot traffic. Thanks for sharing the photos.

  2. MIlton Holbrook

    Yall have the artists Names and artwork mixed up. Alex De Leon was a family friend, I know his art well. He did the car , vulture and chicken mosaic! Thanks! 🙂

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