St. Paul’s Square

When I first moved to San Antonio in 1987 I worked for a city development agency located in St. Paul’s Square.  Now 20+ years later I’m back, living nearby.  The area is much quieter now that the trains no longer blow their horns as they pass through.

Ruth’s Chris Steak House/Prime Bar

The historical district seems to be on the verge of becoming a popular destination for tourists and locals.  Hopefully the influx of UTSA football fans beginning this Saturday will increase the visibility of the area.

Sunset Depot (built 1902)

Entertainment options in St. Paul Square includes shows at the Cameo Theatre and live music at Sunset Station. Restaurants in the district include Ruth’s Chris Steak House and Aldaco’s Sunset Station. Prime Bar and Alibis’ Sports & Spirits provide drink specials and outside patios.  VIA’s yellow trolley line and the Hop On Hop Off tour bus make regular trips from downtown to St. Paul Square.  Amtrak passenger trains depart from the station located between Sunset Station and the Alamodome.

Texas Born Musicians Mural

It would be great to have more restaurants open in St. Paul Square.  I would love to patronize a small pizza place or a homey bookstore/cafe in the neighborhood.

Cameo Theatre

2 responses to “St. Paul’s Square

  1. You captured some beautiful photos. I love Downtown SA but I admit, I forget about this one little district. Thanks for reminding me.

  2. I love your blog, and I love St. Paul’s Square as well, but there are two problems preventing it from being what it needs to be. The biggest is I-37, which, like most freeways within cities, has only served to destroy urban fabric and divide communities. Until it is buried and the gap between SPS and the rest of downtown is filled, SPS will never be as vibrant or urban as it could be. The other is that one developer pretty much controls the neighborhood, and the security guards patrolling are less than friendly to those who aren’t spending money. I know this from experience. I draw urban locations all around San Antonio, and the only time I’ve ever been harassed or outright denied the opportunity to draw has been in St. Paul’s Square. The first time I sketched there (on a bench outside Sunset Station in a public area) I managed to finish a drawing, but only after having to go through a long-winded explanation of what I was doing. The second time I tried to sketch on the sidewalk I was asked to leave before even starting. I wasn’t obstructing the right-of-way, let alone panhandling or trespassing (so I thought.) The guard told me even the sidewalks were private property and I was loitering and trespassing. This defies common sense. My works have been shown in City Hall, the Downtown Operations Offices and Blue Star, but because I’m not welcome at SPS, the buildings there will never be showcased in my depictions of SA. Here’s a link to the one drawing I completed in St. Paul’s Square:

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