“High Hair and Jalapenos” at the Cameo Theatre


A sold-out crowd was on hand Saturday night at the Cameo Theatre for the hilarious comedy show“High Hair & Jalapenos.”  The two-hour show features six talented singers/actors performing 27 musical comedy sketches poking fun at all things Texan.  The show will be at the Cameo through September 11. 

'Muy Caliente"

I attended the show with a group of 30 people.  We started with an enjoyable  dinner at the Spaghetti Warehouse Restaurant, a few blocks from the Cameo.  The restaurant staff was very organized and served us salad, bread, entrees and drinks in plenty of time to get to the show.    

The Cameo Theatre is located in St. Paul Square a few blocks east of downtown.  (The small theater is located next to the Best Western hotel.)   The theater provided good sound quality and great views of the performance. 

"It Won't Play"

Before the show the “High Hair” Director Phillip George announced that he is looking for a permanent hall downtown to perform the show on a regular basis.  My husband and I talked to the Wig Design man(Ron Hammett) a few days before the show (he happened to be standing behind the theater brushing a wig as we walked the dog) and he said the show was based on “Beach Blanket Babylon” in San Francisco.  I just saw BBB on a recent trip to San Francisco and thoroughly enjoyed the giant headpieces and elaborate costumes.  Hopefully “High Hair” can become the “Beach Blanket” of San Antonio. 

Thanks to Donna Williams for the pictures from the show. 

Cameo Theatre


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