A garden grows in HemisFair Park

Given the current drought in San Antonio my spirits are always lifted by the brightly colored summer flowers and plants that seem to love our hot sunny weather.  

For the past few months I have been gradually moving from our northside house to a 13th floor condominium downtown in the Vidorra.   One of my goals at the new house is to take long walks around downtown.  On a walk yesterday with Hannah (our dog) I came across a large garden in HemisFair Park south of the Tower that I hadn’t noticed before.  

 The garden is at the Maximillian Schultze House, one of the 24 original structures on the HemisFair site.  According to the Hemisfair Park master plan site inventory, the Schultze house was built about 1893 and during HemisFair it housed the Sur Le Pouce, a Swiss bakery and restaurant.  The San Antonio Women’s Chamber of Commerce currently occupies the building and maintains the garden.  The  Bexar County Master Gardeners developed and maintained the garden until April 2010.     

Front of Schultze house

Hannah watches for squirrels


4 responses to “A garden grows in HemisFair Park

  1. Rode my checked-out bike around HemisFair this morning. In addition to the native plants, love the tiles planted on the hillside near the tower and the art-filled niches at the back of the convention center….

    • urbanspotlight

      Maybe we were there at the same time! I took some pictures of the niches and was going to find out more about them. They are really pretty and intereresting.


  2. I’ve never seen the garden but will look for it on my next visit to the park. I wonder what other treasures the park hides. For years the wooden playground was a big stopping point on any downtown trip with the kids.

    • urbanspotlight

      My kids also had a lot of fun times at the wooden playground usually in conjunction with a show or camp at the Magik Theatre.


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