Red Gold Tomatoes

Red Gold Tomatoes sent me a variety sample package of their products to try in early December.  I’m not sure how they found this blog since it’s not really a cooking blog.   And I’m better at reading about cooking than actually cooking food.  So it took me a while but I did try the tomatoes in several family favorites – chili, King Ranch Chicken and a pasta casserole.  All three dishes were a hit with my family. 

I made chili with ground venison (courtesy of my dad), canned black beans, and Red Gold whole tomatoes.    The chili was very good served with HEB brand ready-to-cook tortillas.  

Chili and tortillas

Another dish I often make with canned tomatoes is King Ranch Chicken.  I grew up eating this casserole and it has become one of my husband’s favorite foods as well.  I used Red Gold’s “hot” diced tomatoes with green chilies in place of the Ro-Tel tomatoes and the can of chilies.  The chilies added a nice level of spiciness to the casserole.   I only used one can of soup so that the casserole would be firmer and I used 3 cups of diced chicken thigh meat rather than a whole chicken since thighs were on sale for $1 per pound. 

King Ranch Chicken

I also made a quick and easy recipe from the Red Gold cookbook one evening  called Cheeseburger Macaroni.  I used ground turkey in place of the beef.  This recipe was nice because it all cooked in one skillet on the stove which made clean-up easy.  My husband and son really liked this dish as well. 

Red Gold is located in Indiana and uses tomatoes grown on family farms in Michigan, Ohio and Indiana.   I usually shop at the small HEB grocery store at Brookhollow and they carry two varieties of Red Gold canned tomatoes. 

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