Book Signing by Gayle Spencer

Gayle (in blue) signs books

Last week I attended a lovely book signing at the Twig Bookshop for Gayle Spencer’s new non-fiction book, Last Farm Standing on Buttermilk Hill: Voelcker Roots Run Deep in Hardberger Park. The book describes the history of Max and Minnie Tomerlin Voelcker’s dairy farm in north central San Antonio.  The farm is now Phil Hardberger Park, a 311-acre public park that the City of San Antonio purchased in 2006 and 2007 from the Voelcker Fund. 

Phil Hardberger, former mayor of San Antonio

The book signing featured remarks by Phil Hardberger, former mayor of San Antonio who led the City in purchasing the land from the Voelcker Fund for a public park. Banks Smith of the Voelker Fund also spoke.  The Voelker Fund commissioned Spencer’s book and donated 60 percent of the cover price of books sold during the book signing to the Phil Hardberger Park Conservancy.  The Lone Star Swingbillies provided music from the Voelcker’s time.  Wine, cheese and other yummy tidbits added to the festivities.   

Banks Smith, Trustee of the Voelcker Fund

Hank Harrison and the Lone Star Swingbillies
Gayle Spencer’s blog, Postcards from San Antonio, gives additional information about the Voelckers and San Antonio history.  

4 responses to “Book Signing by Gayle Spencer

  1. Great post, I learn so much about SA just reading your blog. Thanks!!

  2. Debbie – After getting to know each other through our blogs, it was great to meet you in person at The Twig. Thanks for coming and for the major shout-out!

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