Gingerbread House Design Challenge

The Studio at the Pearl Brewery as the site of the 2nd Annual Gingerbread Design Challenge on Saturday, November 13 to benefit the San Antonio Children’s Museum. Teams of local architects, contractors, designers, engineers and students each received eight sheet pans of gingerbread, royal icing and an assortment of decorations from San Antonio’s Culinary Institute of America. Then, similar to Iron Chef, they had to use the materials to build a gingerbread house before the time limit. Teams competing were Bain Medina Bain Engineers, Durand Hollis-Rupe Architects/Professional Service Industries, Inc., International Interior Design Association (IIDA), Jaster-Quintanilla Consulting Engineers, Thomas Jefferson High School Architecture Department, Kids Initiating Design Solutions/UTSA College of Architecture, Michael G. Imber Architects, Overland Partners, and Architects


Several other events at the Pearl Brewery Saturday morning made for a lively atmosphere. At the Pearl Stables the 7th annual Express-News Children’s Book & Author Celebration offered parents and children the opportunity to meet authors, hear presentations about their books, participate in fun book-related crafts and get purchased books signed by their writers and illustrators.  In other areas of the brewery complex the weekly Pearl Farmer’s Market featured produce and a live band, a shopping fair was set up in the front parking lot and several food trucks sold refreshments.

Book Festival poster

Cupcake truck

Food truck

5 responses to “Gingerbread House Design Challenge

  1. If you got any kind of designer statement about gingerbread Alamo in your top photo, please share. Are the Tower of the Americas and the Quarry smokestacks poking up through clouds or snow? If clouds, is the Alamo supposed to be in heaven?

    • Unfortunately I didn’t get any more information on the creations. It would have been fun to have an Alton Brown type person giving commentary about the creations like on TV. And I didn’t stay for the awards which might have provided more informaton. I like your heaven idea but given the season I suspect it was probably supposed to be snow. Thanks for the comment.

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