Terri Hendrix Concert At The Botanical Garden

Terri Hendrix

Terri Hendrix and her band performed last night (July 22) at the San Antonio Botanical Garden as final night of the summer Concerts Under the Stars series.  The outdoor concert attracted a large crowd including many children who enjoyed the Botanical Garden’s Playhouses and Forts exhibit. 

Terri sang old favorites such as “Hole in My Pocket,” “Wind Me Up,” and “The Spiritual Kind” along with selections from her new CD “Cry Till You Laugh.”   Terri grew up in San Antonio but now lives in San Marcos.  I have been to several of her concerts, most recently a more intimate show at Casbeer’s to launch her newest CD.  Terri’s concerts are always enjoyable with Terri telling stories and cracking jokes between numbers.  During intermission Terri always talks to her many fans.   

Terri greeting fans during intermission

Fans waiting for show to start

Playhouses and Forts exhibit

Inside one of the playhouses

A playhouse

A playhouse/fort


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