Buffalo Exchange Comes to San Antonio

San Antonio’s “coolness” quotient went way up according to my daughter with the opening of a Buffalo Exchange clothing store on July 5 in Olmos Park.  The store is located at 145 W. Olmos Drive.  Its first day open the store was crowded with people buying and selling clothing.   The Olmos store was smaller than other Buffalo Exchange stores we have visited in Austin and Boulder but was well-stocked with a variety of clothing, shoes, purses and accessories. 

The first Buffalo Exchange opened in 1974 in Tucson, Arizona, a few blocks away from the University of Arizona.  The chain now has over 40 stores.  Buffalo Exchange buys and sell slightly used clothing that appeals to college-age girls and guys.   Prices are generally around $15 depending on the item.  The San Antonio store is near Trinity University and University of the Incarnate Word. 

Shoes for sale

Inside the store

Inside the store

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