Tobin Hill

Koehler house at 310 W. Ashby

I enjoy looking at historic buildings, particularly houses.  The Tobin Hill neighborhood just north of downtown contains many beautiful buildings.  The first house was built in the area by William G. Tobin in 1883.  Development of the neighborhood was sparked by the arrival of a streetcar route from Main Plaza to San Pedro Park.   Prosperous business owners such as Otto Koehler ( owner of the present Pearl Brewing Company) built large houses in the area.  Over time many of these houses have been sub-divided into multi-family units or converted retail or offices.   Some buildings have fallen into disrepair and need major renovations.  

According to the Tobin Hill Neighborhood Association  website the area is in a perfect storm of economic growth opportunities.  Neighborhood assets include great amenities; strong community association; easy access to most of San Antonio’s major attractions; and its Commercial Revitalization, Tax Increment Reinvestment, and Opportunity Zones. The Tobin Hills Arts Alliance is also working to revitalize the neighborhood.  The Alliance promotes artists and galleries located in Tobin Hill.  In June the Alliance celebrated one year of monthly “art walks”.  

Below are some photos of the exteriors of Tobin Hill houses.  On June 27 the San Antonio Express-News featured the renovation of a Tobin Hill house in the Real Estate section of the newspaper.  Click here for color pictures of the interior of the beautifully renovated house.

Back of Koehler house

Victorian Lady Inn at421 Howard Street

Alexander and Alma Oppenheimer Halff House at 501 W. Howard now used as law offices

Clegg-Hemming House (123 W. Park) is listed on the National Register of Historic Places

Rechel-Stumpf house (311 Howard) is a Texas Historic Landmark

Businesses include the Yarn Barn (on right) at 1615 McCullough

Beautifully renovated house next to boarded-up house

Area house

House at 2011 N. McCullough saved from demolition and will be moved to the Five Points area to be renovated

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