Beethoven Mannerchor Halle

My German in-laws came to visit Saturday and asked that we visit the Beethoven Mannerchor Halle.  Beethoven Hall, as I call it, is at 422 Pereida Street near South Alamo Street in the King William/Southtown neighborhood.  The hall and outdoor garden host numerous events during the year including Oktoberfest, Kristkindlmarkt, Sylvester (New Year’s Eve), Gartenkonzerts and First Friday art shows and refreshments.  The hall is also home to German choirs for men, women and children; the Beethoven Band; a folk dancing group; and German language classes.  My in-laws love all things German and if they lived in San Antonio would spend all their time at Beethoven Hall. 

Beethoven Club Room

Unfortunately we arrived at Beethoven Hall an hour after the World Cup viewing party ended and a day after the June Gartenkonzert so there were only four people sitting in the bar.  We had a drink and looked at pictures and books.  The bar, officially the Beethoven Club Room,  is open Tuesday through Saturday, 5 p.m. until midnight.   

After a drink we walked to the Blue Star Brewing Company for dinner at the suggestion of one of the Beethoven customers.  The food was delicious and the menu even included several German dishes including a Reuben sandwich my mother-in-law liked.  I had the carne guisada tacos which were very tender and tasty.  After dinner we walked along the river and through the neighborhood admiring the wildflowers and the houses. 

Beer and bicycles at the Blue Star Brewing Company

We walked back to our car parked at Beethoven Hall and peeked in the bar to see if anyone else had arrived.  The bar was filled with people singing the UT Longhorns Fight Song.  The Texas Exes were doing a Southtown pub crawl which included a stop at Beethoven Hall.

Texas Exes pub crawl

Along the river

Bench along the river

Tree on the San Antonio River

House in the King William neighborhood

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  1. Great idea, thanks for this post!

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