Enchanted Springs Ranch


Ranch "characters"

Saturday I journeyed to the Enchanted Springs Ranch near Boerne for a high school choir end-of-year picnic. We were trying something new rather than the usual formal banquet. 
The kids and chaperones appeared to have a great time.  We started with a tasty BBQ dinner in the large Saloon followed by a slide show and awards presentation.  Then we were off to see the Pistol Packin’ Paula show in the theater.  Paula entertained us with her World Champion pistol twirling abilities and bull whip cracking.  The kids got really excited when Paula called down the choir director to hold a piece of cardboard that she cut in half with her whip. After the show Pistol Packin’ Paula led the students in the “Electric Slide” line dance.  Students continued dancing to a DJ and enjoyed tractor rides around the ranch. The tractor ride drove down a bumpy trail to a field where numerous exotic animals were resting.  Animals included longhorn steers, zebras and exotic deer and cows. The crusty ranch “characters,” dressed in Wild West costumes, kept the students moving and entertained.  The afternoon flew by and too soon it was time to leave.
Enchanted Springs Ranch was originally built as a set for Western movies.  The “old town” area contains a Trading Post, one-bedroom Bed & Breakfast, and a children’s playground. The Ranch is open to the public for tours and a Chuck Wagon Dinner and Wild West Show.  Next time we have out-of-town relatives visit we plan to take them to the Ranch for the Chuck Wagon Dinner.  Following are some pictures of the ranch:

Pistol Packin' Paula show theater

Old Town graveyard

Paula leading the line dancing

Exotic animals

A young visitor

Pistol Packin' Paula show

Tractor ride


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