NIOSA 2010

I spent three long grueling hours last night volunteering at the Beignet booth at Night in Old San Antonio or NIOSA as it is usually called.  This was a tough assignment as the lines of customers at our booth never let up all night.  Before my shift I listened to an entertaining band playing in the Irish Flats area.  The Irish area is one of my favorite sections at NIOSA.  It’s relaxing to sit on the stone steps in front of the band and watch the river barges passing by in the background.   

The pictures below were taken Tuesday night at NIOSA by Joseph Mlodzianowski.  Additional Fiesta photos are posted on Joseph’s website.  

2 responses to “NIOSA 2010

  1. Nicho Gutierrez

    I’m sorry, but I don’t remember you volunteering at my Beignet booth on Thursday night. Who did you come with and what station did you work?

    • Hello. My husband works at Valero and he recruited me. I helped with bagging and serving. I may have written the wrong date. It was actually Wednesday night on the second shift. The booth was very well organized and everyone was working really hard the whole time. I don’t think the people attending NIOSA realize or appreciate how much work goes into operating these booths by people such as yourself.

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