Sticky Wickets Croquet Tournament

Hat with San Antonio theme

Looking for a Fiesta event without crowds, lines and ill-mannered people?  Next year head to the Sticky Wickets Croquet Tournament.  Held on Sunday at the elegant Red Berry Mansion, the event featured croquet and fancy hats beside a small lake.  The event was free to enter and also included jazz bands, food stands by Southtown restaurants, children’s activities, a silent auction, craft beers, and contests for best hat and best dressed. 

Sticky Wickets benefits the Blessed Sacrament Academy, a mission of the Sisters of the Incarnate Word and Blessed Sacrement.  The Academy serves at-risk children and youth through programs including a Child Development Center, Por Vida Academy Charter High School, Parents’ Academy and a partnership with Jewish Family Counseling Center. 

Following are more pictures of the event: 

Croquet players

Hat with Tea Party theme

Red Berry Mansion

Croquet as seen from balcony of mansion

Mud King & Queen gave out medals

Hat with flower theme

Croquet players in fancy hats

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