Lowrider Festival at Camargo Park

San Antonio’s 28th annual Lowrider Festival was held at Mateo Camargo Park on Sunday, April 11th.  The festival featured classic cars, trucks, bikes, food and music.  Cash prizes and trophies were awarded in 33 categories including Best Lowrider Bike, Best Early Lowrider, and Best Radical. 

The festival was organized by Centro Cultural Aztlan, a non-profit organization founded in 1977 to preserve and build upon the long tradition of Chicano/Latino culture by creating programs that would involve local artists and increase public awareness of their work. Central Cultural Aztlan describes the Lowrider Festival as a unique form of mobile public art.  The festival pays homage to local barrio artists and other community people who have turned their once factory standard cars into mobile works of arts through complex mechanical modifications, and elaborate decorative paint patterns. 

Classic cars on display provided a link to San Antonio’s past.  The owner of this 1948 car displayed a photograph of himself as a 17 year old with a car.  He said that 10 members of his 1940’s car club, the San Antonio Griffins, still get together for breakfast. 

Below are other pictures from the festival:


Fantasy II by Cindy Klatt

Lowrider Bikes

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  1. would love for you all to be a part of our show !

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