Choir singing at Easter sunrise worship

Easter came early for me this year.  It was still dark when we arrived at the Arneson River Theater for an Easter sunrise worship service.  The 7 am Riverwalk service was organized by three local Lutheran churches – St. John’s, Grace, and Abiding Presence.  St. John’s began the sunrise service on the Riverwalk in 1978. 

I’m not an early riser but my son was singing with the youth choir so I dragged myself out of bed to go and watch him.  The service was beautiful and I was happy afterward that I made the trip downtown.  The service featured a combined choir and musicians from all three churches.  Several adorable duck families paddled in the water in front of the stage.  The music also attracted guests at the nearby Hilton Palacio del Rio who watched from their balconies. 

After the service we stopped for breakfast at El Milagrito Cafe , located at the corner of N. St. Mary’s and E. Woodlawn.  We ate tacos, chilaquiles and even a gordita.  We have been going to this cafe since we moved here in the 1980’s.  The atmosphere always feels authentically San Antonio. 

El Milagrito

After eating we headed to Llano (about 1 1/2 hours north of San Antonio) for a family gathering on the Llano River.  The bluebonnets and other wildflowers were gorgeous.  My mother organized a challenging scavenger hunt for the older kids (like me) and a follow-the-clues in the Easter eggs hunt for the younger grandchildren.  Everyone enjoyed the lovely day, especially the dogs. 


Llano River

Happy Dog

4 responses to “Easter

  1. Barbara Sultemeier

    Hi Deb, Enjoyed reading the last two blogs. Good bluebonnet pictures. How can I forward those to Aunt Ginny? Mom

  2. Love the pictures, looks like Easter was enjoyed by all. 🙂

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