MS Walk, Roller Derby and Little Red Barn

Alamo City Roller Girls

At the MS Walk Saturday morning my husband was starstruck in the presence of the Alamo City Roller Girls.  They said that the new season kicks off March 13 and the first home match is at The Rollercade on May 2.  

The San Antonio Walk MS  at the AT&T Center is an annual fundraising event that benefits 20,000 Texas families living with MS (multiple sclerosis).  About 3,500 people and many dogs participated in the walk around the AT&T Center parking lot.  Participants enjoyed a DJ, food, drinks, a silent auction, information tables and adorable puppies from the Humane Society.  I enjoyed the exercise and the festivities. 

After the walk we headed to the Little Red Barn for lunch.  For the new year my husband and I gave up eating red meat (mainly beef) for a body fat loss challenge at his office.  I haven’t missed the beef but he was dying for a steak.  The Little Red Barn supplied a steak for him quickly and at a reasonable price.  We have in previous years brought guests visiting from out of town to the restaurant.  They love the atmosphere and the bland food pleases our older relatives.  Today I enjoyed the fried catfish and baked potato.  The service was very quick and friendly.  There seemed to be a lot of out of town visitors there judging by all the camera flash bulbs going off.  Below are some pictures of the restaurant.



Restaurant interior

Menu board

Little Red Barn on Urbanspoon


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