Artpace WindowWorks Exhibit Salutes Linda Pace

David Zamora Casas: Picante

I visited the Artpace San Antonio’s exhibit space downtown for the first time today.  David Zamora Casas’ whimsical WindowWorks exhibit on the ground floor is a public memorial in honor of Artpace founder Linda Pace.  The exhibit is visible through the windows of the building on Main Avenue. 

Upstairs in the Hudson (Show)Room is an exhibit and video by Alejandro Cesarco titled “Index”.  The exhibit consists of framed prints of large index pages.  A video called “The Two Stories”  plays in a small side room.  The video portrays an alternative approach to storytelling that focuses on the narrator’s thoughts.  The video was interesting but I didn’t connect with the “Index” exhibit.  

"Index" exhibit

Artpace exhibits are open Wednesday through Sunday from noon to 5 pm.  Admission is  free and there is free parking at 513 North Flores Street.  Artpace is located at 445 North Main Avenue near the central public library. 

Artpace has numerous special events planned this spring.  On May 15 Artpace will host a Family Day to celebrate Artpace’s 15th birthday.  Summer camps for children and teens will be offered in June and July.  Artpace also gives travel grants to artists.    

Artpace Exterior

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