Tower Climb And Run

San Antonio Firemen (Photo by Dionicio Perez)

The 25th annual Tower Climb and Run benefiting the Cystic Fibrosis (CF) Foundation Lone Star chapter was held this last Saturday, February 20, at the Tower of the Americans in Hemisfare Park in downtown San Antonio, Texas.   Over 800 people participated in the event, raising more than $62,000. 

My husband participated in the climb for the third year.  He was happy that he ran a few minutes faster than last year.  A PTA friend did  the climb for the first time with co-workers from Fort Sam Houston.  She did very well, winning her age/gender division (Yay Pattie).  From the pictures the stairs don’t look quite as claustrophobic as I imagined.  

Event participants ran one mile around the base of the Tower of the Americas and then climbed  58 stories (952 steps) to the top of the tower.  Members of the San Antonio Fire and Police Departments climbed the stairs in full gear. 

Climbing the stairs

The fastest time was recorded by James Bales, 30 years old.  Bales finished in 11:16.4.  The fastest female was Monica Taylor, 35 years old, who finished in 13:14.9.  Participant ages ranged from 8 to 75 years old.   Results by Redemption Timing are posted on the Soler’s Sports website. 

All photos shown here were taken by Dionicio Perez.  Many more photos are available on the Dionicio Perez Photography website

San Antonio Police Department

Bobby Maldonado (left), Mud King 2010

Patricia King (left), 2nd place female 12 years and under, and Jonathan King, 2nd place male 12 years and under

Evan French (left) 1st place male 13-15 years and Travis French, 1st place male 16-19 years

Participants at the top of the Tower

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