Jazz Champagne Brunch at Casbeer’s

Casbeer's At The Church

Sunday I enjoyed a leisurely Valentine’s Day jazz champagne brunch at Casbeer’s At The Church with three generations of family members.  The food was plentiful, the music was good and the atmosphere very enjoyable. 

Bett Butler and Joel Dilley provided the music which was at a nice volume.  The brunch menu included a glass of champagne, a shrimp appetizer, an entree and a slice of chocolate cake for $14 per person.  Entree choices were chicken and waffles, burger, chili omelet and enchiladas. 

Bett Butler and Joel Dilley

The restaurant staff seemed overwhelmed by the popularity of the event and we experienced a long wait between courses.  But the friendly staff, nice music and champagne made the event an enjoyable experience overall.  After eating we went upstairs to see the music venue.  A staff member told me that ghosts inhabited the building.  However, I didn’t see any of them on my photos.  

Casbeer’s is located at 1150 South Alamo in the King William neighborhood.  The building was constructed in 1912 for the Alamo Methodist church.  In 1968 the congregation disbanded.  In 1976 the building was converted to a restaurant and theater.  In 2008 Barbara Wolfe and Steve Silbas purchased the building and opened Casbeer’s as a venue for live music.  A gospel brunch is also held each month.  The building was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1988.  The building was honored for being the first known church building of its type to feature a sloped floor in the sanctuary area.

Chicken and waffles

Interior of restaurant

Sanctuary/live music performance space

Casbeers at the Church on Urbanspoon

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