Java Nook Coffee House

Inside Java Nook Coffee House

 Java Nook opened in March 2009 at the San Antonio Central Library with a winning combination of visible location, tasty beverages and friendly atmosphere.  JavaNook’s colorful space is located right outside the library exit. The menu contains numerous drink options including fancy coffee and tea drinks, slushies, spritzers and lemonade.  Sandwiches, chips, cookies and other snacks are also available at the front counter.   Free WiFi is avaialble courtesy of the library.   The small space includes several tables and bar stools inside as well as several outside tables and chairs.   This morning two men were intently playing chess. 

The coffee house owners, Don Counts & Nancy Maladecki, look like they are having fun with their enterprise. On one wall they have an “art gallery” with a rotating display.  They have also organized music and chess events at the space. 

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