San Antonio’s first Moroccan restaurant

Kefta Tagine

Friday I enjoyed “dinnertainment” at Moroccan Bites restaurant at 5714 Evers Road.  The entertainment was provided by Wafa, our talkative server and restaurant owner.  According to Wafa, Moroccan Bites is the first and only Moroccan restaurant in San Antonio.

Wafa serving mint tea

We started the evening with a large pot of sweet mint tea.  Wafa ceremoniously poured the tea into small glasses.  Since it was our first visit to the restaurant Wafa treated us to small plates of vegetables as a starter. We tried chickpeas, white beans, green beans, olives and mixed vegetables.  My favorites were the white beans and the chickpeas. 

Moroccan Couscous

The Moroccan Couscous is only served on Friday.  Three of us tried the special entree.  A very large helping of couscous was covered with large chunks of vegetables.  In the middle of the dish was a piece of lamb or chicken.  It was served with a side dish of sauce.  My husband ordered the Kefta Tagine (pictued above).  This was served very hot (steaming and bubbling) in a tagine with a basket of Moroccan bread.  The dish included meatballs, eggs and tomatoes.  At the end of our meal Wafa brought a small plate with pastries and cookies.  The desserts were delicious and not overly sweet.    

Chef Latifah at work

We learned about Moroccan Bites from a review in the San Antonio Current.  The review mentioned that the street where Moroccan Bites is located, Evers Road between Loop 410 and Wurzbach Road, has a wide variety of ethnic restaurants.  I was imagining a cute walkable neighborhood like those in San Francisco.  Unfortunately the area is neither cute nor walkable.  (Moroccan Bites is in an older half-vacant strip center.)  But the restaurant variety is impressive, especially for San Antonio.  The restaurants on this strip of Evers include Piccolo’s Italiano, Maharaja Indian, Thai Taste, Pho San Antonio, al amir (Lebanese), Chinese Kitchen, Sinbad Cafe and Tia Lolis Mexican.  A sign on the space next door to Moroccan Bites says that a Pakistani restaurant is coming soon.  

Entrance to restaurant

Moroccan Bites Tagine on Urbanspoon


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