Morgan’s Wonderland Grand Opening April 10

Park entrance

Construction crews are working hard at Morgan’s Wonderland to complete the park for a “soft” opening in February.   Driving past the park on Wurzbach Parkway you can see the colorful park attractions taking shape. 

The park’s Grand Opening is April 10.  During February a limited number of visitors will be admitted to “test out” the park’s attractions.  The park is also currently accepting applications for park employees and for volunteers.   

Morgan’s Wonderland is the world’s first ultra-accessible family fun park.   The park is being developed by the Gordan Hartman Family Foundation and is named for Mr. Hartman’s daughter Morgan.  According to the Foundation, Morgan’s Wonderland will be the largest park of its kind in the world specifically designed for the recreation and enjoyment of individuals with special needs.          

Soccer fields

The South Texas Area Regional (STAR) soccer complex is opening March 1 next to Morgan’s Wonderland.  The complex contains 13 lighted soccer fields, concessions, seating, indoor restrooms and playground areas.   STAR is also being developed by the  Gordan Hartman Family Foundation.  All proceeds from the soccer complex will be used to support Morgan’s Wonderland.

One response to “Morgan’s Wonderland Grand Opening April 10

  1. I am SOOOOOOO excited about this! It is going to be so cool!!

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