San Antonio River Improvements Project: Eagleland segment


Sunday I walked along the Eagleland segment of the San Antonio River Improvements Project.  The segment goes from the Blue Star Arts Complex on Alamo Street to the former Lone Star Brewery on Lone Star Boulevard.  The segment lacks the artwork  and bats of the glitzier Museum Reach segment.  However, the Eagleland segment provides a very relaxing walk or bicycle ride.  Scenery along the paved path includes several types of birds, colorful houses, Brackenridge High School, trains and vacant industrial buildings.  The segment ends at Roosevelt Park

The Eagleland segment is part of the planned Mission Reach which will extend about eight miles from Alamo Street to Mission Espada.  The entire San Antonio River Improvements Project will eventually form a linear park running from Hildebrand Avenue on the north to Mission Espada on the south.      

The Friendly Spot

We parked at Blue Star, intending to visit the art galleries and eat at the Blue Star Brewing Company.  However, it was rather late on Sunday evening when we finished our walk and the businesses were closed.  Driving down South Alamo Street my husband was drawn to The Friendly Spot Ice House.  From the street it didn’t look like they served food but we found that Rene Guerrero, owner of Madhatter’s Tea House & Cafe, was cooking tapas from the interior of Mexico somewhere behind the bar.  We feasted on delicious tamales, taquitos, chalupas, soup and chips with black bean dip.  We got a little carried away in ordering but finished it all.  The tamales were large, square-shaped and wrapped in banana leaves.  I had a margarita which tasted very fresh.  My husband sampled several beers.  The seating is all outdoors with large heaters. 

Following are a few pictures from our walk along the river:

Train cars reflected in the river

Improvements under construction

Signage along path

Vacant industrial building


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  1. Wow! what an idea ! What a concept ! Gorgeous .. Astounding ? I generally don?t publish in Blogs but your blog pressured me to, amazing function.. gorgeous ?

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