San Antonio Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon

My husband ran the 1/2 marathon today in the second annual Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon held in San Antonio.  I accompanied him Friday evening to the EXPO and then met him this morning at the finish line.  Both the EXPO and the finish line were at the Alamodome.  

Results posted on the internet showed that 5,813 people (3,246 male and 2,567 female) finished the full marathon of 26.2 miles.  A total of 20,071 people (7,436 males and 12,585 females) finished the half marathon of 13.1 miles.  Full marathon finishers ranged in age from 17 to 78 years.  San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro finished the half marathon with a very respectable time of 2 hours and 29 minutes. 

Following are pictures I took at the EXPO and at the finish line:

IMG_3328 edited

EXPO inside the Alamodome

IMG_3432 edited

Runners approaching the Alamodome

IMG_3433 edited

Band playing on the Alamodome plaza

IMG_3330 edited

Contest at the EXPO to guess the number of fortune cookies inside the Mini

IMG_3439 edited
Runners and spectators at the Alamodome
IMG_3445 edited

Hill before the finish line

IMG_3449 edited

Finish line

IMG_3434 edited

Recovery drink??


2 responses to “San Antonio Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon

  1. I ran the Full Marthon and I wasn’t given credit Can you please help?? My name or number never came out. During the race there were problems being experienced with your tracking system. For instance my wife received one message at the 6 mile mark and then not until the 24 mil marker was anothere received. I crossed the line and given a medal and had my picture taken but I cannot find anything. I don’t care much for completing the entrie 26.2 and not getting credit. I may be contact at (210)268-9853.

    • Congrats on finishing the full marathon. I was a spectator and don’t know what to advise you other than to contact Competitor Group, the company that organized the marathon. Hopefully someone else reading this can provide some help to you. On the marathon website this phone number is listed for Competitor Group: (800) 311-1255.

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