Sunny afternoon at the dog park

dog park 016dog park 014The weather was lovely at the McAllister dog park last weekend.  A variety of dog breeds and personalities were on parade.  .wordpress com stats

The McAllister Dog Park is located near the Starcrest entrance to the park.  The park consists of approximately1.5 acres of fenced land with exercise equipment, a covered picnic area, benches, and a walking trail.  We usually let our dogs run free inside the fenced area although many dogs are on leashes.  It takes a little while to walk from the parking lot to the fenced area.  However,  there are nice open fields on either side of the walk.  The park is open 5 a.m. to 11 p.m., seven days a week.  However, I wouldn’t come here after dark since there aren’t any lights and it’s rather isolated.  There is a water fountain and you can bring a bowl to provide water to your dog. 

dog park 018dog park 004

dog park 001

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