San Antonio Along the “M” Streets

Some of my favorite places in San Antonio reside along the “M” streets – McCullough, Mulberry and Main.  Recently I enjoyed a sandwich, a haircut and some shopping on these streets in the area around the Monte Vista neighborhood.    

M Streets for blog 014

The Sandwich Garden counter

My husband and I have been eating at The Sandwich Garden at 1826 McCullough for about 20 years.  I love the big, soft, hot turkey and cheese sandwich on homemade white bread.  Once you take a bite you have to keep eating quickly so it doesn’t fall apart in your hands.  Plants growing all over the restaurant contribute to the garden theme.  

M Streets for blog 020

Doo or Dye exterior

After eating a sandwich I drove a few blocks north to Doo or Dye at 331 W. Mulberry for a haircut.  I visited here a few months ago with my daughter and it quickly became my favorite place to get a haircut.  It is unpretentious, friendly and reasonably priced. 

cookies 003

Cookies from Lily's Cookies

M Streets for blog 019

Fiesta On Main

The M Streets also boast interesting places to shop.  Fiesta On Main at 2025 N. Main Avenue is packed with decorations and supplies for Fiesta and other holidays including Day of the Dead.  I also stopped for the first time at Lily’s Cookies at 2716 McCullough Avenue.  In addition to the “cookie bar” with favorites such as Chocolate Chip and Mexican Wedding cookies, the store had beautifully decorated Halloween cookies.  My son and I quickly devoured most of the cookies I purchased.  A few survived an extra day by being “too pretty to eat.” 

Following are additional pictures:

M Streets for blog 017

Fiesta On Main exterior

M Streets for blog 022

Lily's Cookies storefront

M Streets for blog 013

Interior of The Sandwich Garden

Lily's Cookies on Urbanspoon

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