Solar House Tour on Saturday

Solar Tour house in Churchill Estates

Solar Tour house in Churchill Estates

I am looking forward to visiting the Solar House tour on Saturday.  The free self-guided tour is being organized by Solar San Antonio, a non-profit advocacy and resource center for renewable and sustainable energy applications.  The tour, which runs from 10 a.m. to 3 pm includes 10 homes and businesses.  At each site the homeowner and a solar installer will be on hand to answer questions.   There will also be exhibits and additonal infomation available at the tour stops.  The Solar San Antonio website has a map and list of addresses for the tour sites. 

I drove by one of the houses today that is located in the Churchill Estates subdivision near my son’s school.  I could see something that might be solar panels peeking up from the side of the roof.  Otherwise I would not have suspected that the house was solar powered.  (I liked the red shutters too.)

Related to solar energy (although not really to San Antonio) I received an email newsletter today from the Rio Tinto Prize for Sustainability with a description of the Barefoot Women Solar Engineers of Africa.  The Barefoot Women were named as a Finalist  in the BBC World Challenge 2009.

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