Parade of Homes 2009

Flyer given out at the Parade of Homes by Stadler Custom Homes

Flyer given out at the Parade of Homes by Stadler Custom Homes

I went to the Greater San Antonio Builders Association Parade of Homes on Sunday, the last day for the event.   I always enjoy looking at the latest home gadgets and designs.  Unfortunately they did not allow cameras so I couldn’t take any pictures to post here.  You can view pictures on the realtor listings for 8635 Terra Dale and 8627 Terra Dale

“Tuscan meets Texan” or “Old World Hacienda” was the general theme for most of the houses.   Rooms were decorated with large heavy furniture, ironwork, animal prints, scented candles and sumptuous fabrics.  The Genesis home decorated by Double R Drygoods provided the most extreme example of this style.  In contrast, the Uptmore house decorated by NR Interiors had a lighter contemporary feel that I found more appealing.   

The master suite appears to have overtaken the family room as the largest and most important room in the house.  (I’ll let you draw your own conclusions about society from that.)  Master bathrooms featured big tubs and walk-in tiled showers.  Built-in coffee makers and wine coolers were also commonplace.  Eye-catching features were a mirror that contained a TV and a sink basin with a live fish swimming in it.  I liked a bathroom countertop that looked like a thick piece of glass laid over river rocks and flowing water.   

In contrast to the master suites the other rooms were relatively small.  The builders seemed to be compensating for the shrinking rooms with very high embellished ceilings, particularly in the family rooms.  

Another general theme of the Parade of Homes was TV.  Every room and backyard area seemed to contain a TV loudly broadcasting the Cowboys football game.  One house even had a TV mounted outside on the deck next to the pool.  The outdoor TVs would be fun for a Super Bowl or Spurs watching party.   But I was happy to come home to my quiet two-TV house.    

The backyards were my favorite part of the Parade.  The outdoor spaces were beautiful yet appeared to be low maintenance.  They had gorgeous views of the Hill Country, very little grass to mow, relatively small swimming pools, hot tubs, outdoor kitchens and large covered patios.  Most of the pools contained flowing water in the form of waterfalls or  fountains.  The most interesting water feature was in the Genesis house where the two wings of the house were divided by a row of three interconnected hot tubs that could also be used as one lane for swimming laps.  

I enjoyed oohing and aahing at the houses and came home inspired to update our house and do something about the dead plants in the backyard.


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