Breakfast Tacos

Breakfast tacos at Ruthie's

Breakfast tacos at Ruthie's

According to a poll on the breakfast taco page on Facebook, San Antonio is the true home of the breakfast taco with 63% of the vote.  (Austin received 31% of the votes.)   The breakfast taco Facebook page has 8,001 fans and these fans are passionate about their favorite places to eat breakfast tacos.   

My favorite place for breakfast tacos is Ruthie’s at 11423 West Avenue near Blanco Road.  It’s a short drive from my house and my son’s school.  The tortillas are what sets Ruthie’s tacos apart from the competition.  They taste freshly made and are thick without being heavy.   My favorite taco at Ruthie’s is the chilaquiles verde taco.  The unpredictable heat level of the verde sauce makes eating this an adventure.

The wide variety of breakfast customers at Ruthie’s include students from nearby Churchill High.  The restaurant has a homey relaxing atmosphere and a two-hour breakfast isn’t discouraged.  The cashier/manager/owner’s son is talkative so don’t get him started if you are in a hurry.  (One morning a friend and I were treated to a lengthy monologue about thongs.)  

Aunt Mary from Wisconsin enjoying an Omellette Taco

Visitor from Wisconsin enjoying an Omelette Taco

Since there are about 10 taco restaurants within two miles of my house I rarely attempt to make my own breakfast tacos.  In case you want to try making your own here is a recipe from the Homesick Texan blog and another recipe from Texas Monthly


Exterior of Ruthie's

Ruthie's on Urbanspoon


4 responses to “Breakfast Tacos

  1. I have tried many establishments in San Antonio for breakfast tacos and nothing compares to the tasty tortillas and mix of egg & potatoes at Ruthie’s. My brother-in-law breakfasted at Ruthie on a vacation from Philly and declared his love for his breakfast. I’m getting hungry…

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  3. I thought the post was okay. breakfast tacos are not really my personal favorite. Where is the stuff about Heroes Stadium?

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