Tuesday: art and videos

Art MuseumMy daughter is leaving for college in 20 days so I’ve been trying to spend time with her.  She would prefer to spend the time with friends but she agreed to go with me last night to Sam’s Burger Joint to see a Video Jam.

On the way to Sam’s we stopped at the San Antonio Museum of Art since it’s free on Tuesday from 4 to 9 pm.  I really enjoyed the two exhibits on the first floor in the back  – Ry Cooder/Vincent Valdez: El Chavez Ravine and  John Hernandez: Zoe’s Room.  El Chavez Ravine tells the moving story of a Chicano neighborhood in Los Angeles that was bulldozed to make room for Dodger Stadium.  The exhibit includes a mural painted on a 1953 Chevy ice cream truck.   Zoe’s Room is a colorful collection of sculptures, paintings and drawings.   Museum staff wouldn’t let us take pictures of the exhibits so I’ve scanned a postcard from the museum gift shop above.   The postcard shows Ry Cooder in front of  of the painted ice cream truck.  The photo is by Vincent Valdez.

A little before 8 pm we left the museum and went to Sam’s for the video event.  Unfortunately the video operator was having “technical difficulties” with the DVD and had to cancel the showing.  The program we were going to see included 17 short videos ranging in length from 27 seconds to 16:01 minutes.  It sounded interesting so I will try to come back for the next video jam.  Here are a few pictures of the interior of Sam’s Burger Joint:

Sam's Burger Joint
Sam's Burger Joint

Walking to Sam’s earlier we noticed a group of people in the parking lot under the highway juggling.  In the darkness they were now juggling with fire.  With the Pearl Brewery development on the other side of the parking lot this area looks like an exciting place to be.   On the way home we drove by the new Museum Reach Riverwalk to look at the sunfish at night.

July 28, 2009 053

Edited on July 31, 2009: web links added

One response to “Tuesday: art and videos

  1. I had no idea the fish were illuminated at night. That is great. However, i’m now bummed I missed Vincent’s showing.

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