San Antonio Missions game

Wolff stadiumSaturday night I went with friends to watch the San Antonio Missions take on the Midland Rockhounds in a baseball game at Nelson W. Wolff stadium in southwest San Antonio.  There weren’t many fans in attendance so we were able to walk up and purchase fifth-row seats behind the Missions dugout for $10 per person.  We were also happy with the stadium’s orientation, which shaded our seats during the game.  A nice breeze almost made us forget the summer heat.

I like baseball but it moves a little slowly for me. After eating a frito pie I spent most of the time watching the mascots.  Early in the evening there were brief appearances by the chicken from Church’s Chicken and Chorty Chorizo.  I didn’t get a picture of Chorty since he quickly disappeared into one of the stadium boxes.  The opposing team, the Midland Rockhounds, had a mascot named Rocky dressed in a dog costume.  Rocky did a good job leading the fans in cheers.

The Missions’ two mascots, Ballapeno and Puffy Taco, came out midway through the game.  They led a few games and walked around posing for pictures.  Ballapeno is cute but I can’t think of anything positive to say about the Puffy Taco costume.  Unfortunately the Missions’ mascots didn’t do much cheerleading.  In the 9th inning when the score was tied the mascots were nowhere to be seen.  The game lasted 11 innings until Midland scored and won the game.  We stayed to play the game where you try to throw a ball into the chimney of a small house to win $150.  Unfortunately none of our throws were close.  As we walked to our car fireworks started and we watched out the car window as we drove back home.  All in all we had a nice evening.  Following are some pictures of the mascots.

Puffy Taco



2 responses to “San Antonio Missions game

  1. I just wanted to clear a few things up about this blog….
    1.) The dog was actually not a midland mascot, he’s “Extra” the express news mascot. And the missions mascots were not present because they were observing him for tips and notes since he is a professional (with much more wisdom) around the town.
    2.)Unfortunately, when the game was tied in the 9th the mascots weren’t able to make it out due to confusion between them and the management on a promotion coming up at the end of the game that they couldn’t miss by being up in the stands leading cheers… This problem was quickly resolved and the remainder of the season saw much more of the mascots, including nail-biting moments such as that.
    3.) I hope the lack of cheering hasn’t discouraged fans from attending games in the future. It is a great experience to go out to Wolff stadium to view a game and I have an inside scoop that there were changes amongst the mascots where some were let go and others were hired.
    4.) Also, ballapeno will be getting a new look next season since he has been working out in the offseason and has lost much of the excess weight! I believe taco will have a new appearance as well, however since he is not a missions-sanctioned mascot, but rather a privately owned mascot from “Henry’s” I don’t know how the club will handle the contract

    • Thank you very much for the interesting “inside” information about the mascots. I look forward to attending more games next summer. It really is a nice stadium and an enjoyable (and inexpensive) experience to go to a Missions game.

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