Pearl Farmers Market

Pearl BrewerySaturday morning I ventured to the Pearl Farmers Market for some tomatoes.  In addition to vegetables I found an “event” which included a cooking demonstration, a band and an hour-long tour of the brewery complex.

The cooking demonstration featured Chef Patrick Edwards of Ciao2 (and three assistants) preparing cucumber sorbet served in a homemade basil bean cone and topped with cherry tomato salad.   If you happen to have inverted sugar, basil seeds, a cone mold and three assistants on hand you might be able to do this at home.  Maybe I’m just a slacker cook since there was a large crowd gathered around clamoring for copies of the recipe.  You can read Chef Patrick’s blog at

cooking demo

At 10 am I joined a tour led by a bubbly full-time tour guide, Cissie, and a 40-year employee of Pearl Brewery, David.  They led us through the buildings which are now the Full Goods Building, the Aveda Institute and the Pearl Stable.  They also pointed out the new Andrew Weissman restaurant, il sogno, which opened this weekend.  Although I’m not a beer drinker the history of the company and the buildings was quite interesting.   I learned that beer was brewed at the factory from 1881 to 2001.  The  property now includes a mix of apartments, restaurants, shops and offices.  The Culinary Institute of America, which opened in 2006, is an anchor of the project.  A new building for the Institute is under construction.  The developers have incorporated solar panels, a water cistern and a number of recycled items from the brewery into the renovation.

After the tour I went back to the market area in the back of the property to buy tomatoes.  I also couldn’t resist Ciabatta and pizza to take home.   A three-piece band was playing and if it wasn’t so darn hot it would have been nice to grab a drink and a snack and hang around.


The farmers market is open every Saturday from 9 am to 1 pm all year.  Items for sale include vegetables, flowers, bread, honey, meat, seafood, nuts and lavendar crafts. Chefs demonstrating in August include Stephanie Smith (Whole Foods), Scott Cohen (Brassiere Pavil), Andrew Gutierrez (Las Ramblas) and Jeff Balfour (Citrus).

il sogno

il sogno osteria  (

As of July 30 the il sogno website wasn’t up and running but this article has more information aobut the new restaurant:


One response to “Pearl Farmers Market

  1. The breads offered by Biga on The Banks are fantastic. They are reason enough to venture to this market. Bon appetite!

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