I recently went on a 12-day cruise in the Baltic Sea with my mother and daughter.  In Copenhagen we stumbled on an exhibit of funny signs outdoors in a large plaza. I have included some pictures I took of the exhibit, including the picture above.  

 Signspotting exhibit in Copenhagen June 2009

A website at describes the origins of the exhibit and a corresponding book.  The website also has numerous pictures of humorous signs.  Viewers are invited to rate and comment on the pictures.  The Signspotting exhibit was in Denmark through July 13.  From there the exhibit was traveling to Edinburgh, Scotland, and Gothenburg, Sweden. 

Signspotting exhibit June 2009








Below are two other interesting signs I photographed in June 2009.  The “Humped Zebra Crossing” sign was in London. 

London sign June 2009

The sign below was in St. Petersburg, Russia.  My command of the Russian language isn’t good enough to translate this sign but I am guessing it is an anti-bribery message.  Our tour guide in St. Petersburg expressed a great deal of frustration with the bribery and corruption permeating St. Petersburg right now.

St. Petersburg June 2009

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